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The Randex Free Trading Simulation

The Randex is a free trading simulation based (loosley) on the Russel 2000 stock indexs futures contract.There are (48) 25 minute sessions in every 24 hour period. Each session simulates a normal 6-1/2 hour trading session. However, because roughly 6-1/2 hours of data are crammed into each 25 minute session, the velocity of trading is fast! Its similar to what you would see in the first half hour of trading on the front running russel 2000 contract. You can trade on the simulation manually, meaning you simply press buy and sell buttons to execute trades. OR you can use the Randex API and write your own code to trade on The Randex. To better understand the purpose of this website/simulation, please see Randextrader video (link) and the "About" section. Sign up and start a new approach to your personal trading.. continue

The Random Variables of The Randex (Random Exchange)


  • direction_duration
  • mogen quantity
  • mogen quantity duration
  • maker quantity
  • maker quantity duration
  • mogen trading frequency
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    Historical Bias, a demonstration

    The effects of trading with the current bias are enormous. continue